ECU North West Metro Small Business Awards

Helen Grey

A picture of myself all ready for a fantastic evening at the Small Business Awards

Friday, June 15th, 2012 was an exciting day for me as owner of Greys Boutique Gifts. This is the night that the Joondalup Business Association held the annual ECU North West Metro Small Business Awards to celebrate and recognise the best of the best. And, although I believed I was worthy, I never had the courage to nominate my business. However, in the words of Mark Twain,

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

Many major achievements were met on Friday June 15th. First, let me say, to even compile and gather all my paperwork for these two nominations, Best New Business and Best Home Based Business, was an achievement in itself! And, I was a finalist in both categories that I nominated myself, therefore I must mention that this was an achievement for both my business and I!

The Small Business Awards was held at the Joondalup Resort and was a very formal occasion. As a busy mum and business owner, there is never enough time to pamper myself. But for this special occasion, I did just that! It felt so nice to get my hair and make-up done! I felt like a million bucks when I left home. I have to give some of my beautification credit to my precious children. My daughter was my stylist for the night, as she wanted to see beforehand my outfit and shoes for the night. She also brought it to my attention that I needed to change shoes, because, in her words, “those shoes don’t look very nice.” Oh, to have the honesty of a child! Some of my greatest memories from that night came from my children. As any mother can relate, I felt somewhat guilty leaving my children for the night. My guilt was deepened as my little one ran up to me, face covered in spaghetti, asking for a hug. This absolutely melted my heart, and sent me into a panic attack! However, hearing them say, “You look pretty, mum” was so comforting and reassuring that this night was a celebration of all I had accomplished and was going to achieve in my business.

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my dinner with some amazing people. I am so proud to be a member of such a wonderful group of successful business owners.  As always, I left making new friends who I look forward to seeing again soon.

I must congratulate all the finalists and winners at the Small Business Awards. so I would like to mention the winners of several categories and give them recognition.

  • Best Apprentice (Sponsored by Tony O’Gorman, MLA) :      Wanda Jansen, Joondalup Resort
  • Employee of the Year (Sponsored by Joondalup Resort):      Sam Faranda of Quality Printer Cartridges
  • Customer Service Award (Sponsored byCommonwealth Bank):      Fired! Ceramic Café
  • Franchise Business of the Year (Sponsored by Community Newspaper Group):         Autobahn Joondalup
  • Business Innovation Award (Sponsored by West Coast Institute of Training):            Orbit Drilling
  • Best Home Based Business (Sponsored by Small Business Development Corporation):        Suburban Farmer
  • Best New Business (Sponsored by Simplicity/Purslowe Funerals):        Maniac Mining
  • Business Leadership (Sponsored by Joondalup Business Association):     McKinley Plowman & Associates                     .
  • Business of the Year (Sponsored by Edith Cowan University):           Skynergy

I must also mention what an outstanding service that the Joondalup Resort provided for us that evening. The staff was on top of everything, refilling drinks when necessary, and paid close attention to the needs of the attendees. Entertainment was provided by the Mater Dei College Swing band, a very talented group of students led by Mr. Vince Basile. They did an excellent job and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. I also want to take the time to thank the judging staff;

  • Dr. Janice Redmond – Small and Medium Enterprise Research Centre(SMELC), School of Management, Edith Cowan Univerisity
  • Karen Bailey – Area Manager North, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Max Wilson – Manager, Community Newspaper Group

This was a fantastic night and it was wonderful to see such a large number of Joondalup Business Association members participating in the awards.

“A great life is the sum total of all the worthwhile things you’ve been doing one by one” – Richard Bach



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