Customer Service

“The Customer Is Always Right”….a slogan from the early 20th century , meaning, The trading policy that states a company’s keenness to be seen to put the customer first. Of course, these entrepreneurs didn’t intend to be taken literally. What they were attempting to do was to make the customer feel special by inculcating into their staff the disposition to behave as if the customer was right, even when they weren’t.

But, How many times have you walked into a shop and have been completely ignored?  You then approach a staff member to ask for help and they point you in a direction rather than taking you to the product?  Do you have to listen to the staff’s private conversations complaining about their work conditions or other people?  This frustrates me to no end especially when they continue their conversation while serving me because I feel that I am invisible and an inconvenience to their day.

Why am I having a whinge about customer service?  I am having a whinge about customer service because when I do get exceptional service I am so excited and grateful I like to share my experience with everyone.  When I don’t get good customer service, well unfortunately it is a part of my everyday life and there is not much I can do about it because I do not have the time to write letters or make phone calls.  Why don’t I make the time you ask, well I find that when I do I am treated just as badly by their management which is infuriating.  At this stage I wish that I stayed at home and shopped online.

How do we deal with customer complaints at Greys Gifts?  First of all, we appreciate the fact that someone is taking time out of their busy day to contact us and discuss their concerns.  This gives us an opportunity to work towards a solution that is mutually beneficial.  Secondly, we use the information discussed to improve our service which we would not have been able to do if the customer did not contact us.  We love feedback, whether it is good or bad, as we use this information to strive to be better.

Case Study

Late delivery of a gift hamper

A customer contacted us to let us know that her gift hamper had not been delivered to her friend on her birthday,as planned and to

make matters worse, the gift had still not been received.  We reimbursed the delivery fee straight away

and guaranteed that we would personally deliver the gift hamper the following business day.  The customer was very frustrated with the situation, which was rightly so because we knew that this was just not good enough.   The thing is, we were also receiving bad customer service from our courier company.  According to their records, the gift hamper had been delivered, which they relayed to us, but we knew this was not the case.  After many phone calls, to many different people, they located the gift hamper in their depot and finally delivered the hamper.  Did they offer to reimburse the delivery fee? No.  Did they apologise for the bad service? No.  Did they care?  No.  Very frustrating because this company was representing our business and they let us down.  We have since relinquished all ties with this business.

Even though this was a very negative experience we have learnt from it and have placed new operating procedures in place. We had relooked at the delivery terms and conditions on our website, employed a new courier company, and are currently including a question in our ordering process asking the customer when the gift hamper needs to be delivered by.

It is always important to look at customer service experiences whether they are good or bad and learn from them.

Happy Shopping!


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