What are people buying this Christmas?

What am I trying to achieve in this article?  Different clients have different requirements and ideas about gifts.  They want a good quality gift that will present well and be a true reflection upon their sincere appreciation.  A food hamper that contains items that will actually be used and show that thought have gone into the selection of the items

What are people buying this Christmas?

I recently had an appointment with a new client, which is always very exciting, because our clients are always looking for quality and unique gifts that will send a very strong message.  Gifting is very important to our clients, especially at Christmas time because they like to take this time of year as an opportunity to show their appreciation for the time and effort that people have given their business over the past year.

How do you show your appreciation?  Every client has different requirements and different ideas which is why we like to take our gift hampers into the work place as a hands on approach seems to help with the decision making.  We offer a few suggestions as a starting point and then our clients have the opportunity to arrange products into a hamper that they would be happy to give, as they know their recipient a lot better than we do.

Case Study

Our new client contacted us to discuss organizing gift hampers for their clients and staff at Christmas.  They had a variety of price ranges to cater for and they wanted something that was going to be a true reflection upon how much they appreciated the recipient’s help and/or business during the year.  They wanted something to do with cooking, beer, wine and a sweetie for the children.  We discussed a few products and then we arranged to meet the following week so I could design a hamper that catered for what she was trying to achieve.

We put together a BBQ gift hamper that contains marinades and meat rubs from the Peter Watson Real Food range (tag).  These products are amazing and are a great gift for this time of year as we all like to try new and exciting recipes on the BBQ.  The packaging looks stunning and will definitely give the ‘wow factor’ when they open this gift

Keeping to the Aussie traditional BBQ, we don’t often see the cook without a beer in hand so what better way to BBQ/cook/celebrate (not sure which word to use) than with an Australian award winning beer from The Feral Brewery (tag) in Western Australia?

Dad is happy with his selection of beers so we thought we had better include a quality wine for Mum from Peel Estate Winery (tag) in Western Australia. And last but not least, the kiddies can have a treat with the selection of lollies from Freckleberry.  Beautifully presented in small gift boxes, the kids will adore the carefully packaged treats.

We also like to have a few nibbles before the BBQ so we have included savoury and sweet nibbles such as Fremantle Chocolate, Morish Cashews and relishes which compliment this gift hamper beautifully.

So if you have a few ideas rolling around in your head about gifts, give us a call, we would love to listen to them because we always learn something new from every client we talk with.


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